Unscramble,Guess the Athlete, and a TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 voting

Welcome to another TheBenjiBang prodcast i am your host TheBenjiBang in The Honor Games winner for each thing will be honored and will get,,, A TV and 200 tokens! so lets get to the game

NHL is this weeks theme

1 nyaewh skygrte 

2 leystna ucp

3 tonbso ruibns


???         and last a TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 voting thing lol


Sorry bout the video

Soooooo srry guys for some sort reason below me i said there was a theme for TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 but it didn’t show up sooo go on to youtube or itunes or wherever there is music on and search Bright Lights Bigger City and look for the aritst CeeLo Green and then think of an intro for TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 and agian soooo sorry bout the video. TheBenjiBang out. I haven’t got a pic thing soo bye.

TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 theme

TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 hosted by ???

TheBenjiBang is back and ready for the 2011 TheBenjiBang adwards live hosted by ??? and it is at My turf [ Red Wigns Arena will be back after the show] and it will be on November 5th 2011 and here are you options for this weeks votes

And The Theme For TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 is. . . .

BRIGHT LIGHTS BIGGER CITY! BY CEE-LO GREEN!  [I’m gonna post the theme in a little bit]