Red Wings shoots Red Wings scores!

 The Red Wings roster is full! heres our athletes

Line 1 Kool98, Wyatt024, Dalt

Deffenders BenjaminKajy, TBB [TheBenjiBang]

Goalie elliot38900

If anybody wants to be a back up plz comment on here and i will try to get back to you as possible. Now were set and heres the LOGO for the red wings!

[             DETROIT RED WINGS!


Red Wings On Fire!

Finnaly i am on my wordpress. OK well the Red Wings got 4 players they are

Line 1 : TheBenjiBang, Kool98, and Wyatt024

Goalie: elliot385900 who had already in practice been outstanding at first he was at bench now look!

So who do you think will win the AAHL Cup