heyy guys its me coolgirl1235 i havent been posting in a while one because i thought this blog was dead because of reporters of tbb but apparently not tbb brought it back and i just checked it for 2 secs or so and i was like wow! anyways if u know when i told u too check out my blog i have been doing pretty awesome on that and well i wont be posting i have 19 blogs trending i always say yes when i dont mean it anyways i am not leaving consider it as a vaacation ok bye and check out  my .com if u havent checked it out in a while http://actionallstarsratingnews.wordpress.com/


Check out my new blog

    hey guys its me and check out me new blog its real cool! its calledhttp://actionallstarsratingnews.wordpress.com/ click on that and bow your on the blog if u wanna be a guest blogger click the tab at the top of the page that says guest blogger: then comment below and put your email with it and if u wanna be a full time reporter on my first post comment i wanna be in with your email and bow i will email you its a pretty sick blog ok byeeeeeeee


hey guys guess who Coolgirl1235! i will bring new contest and all that!!!!!! i am part of this blog now and i will get pictures and stuff soo yahh!!!! and too start me  off i just want too say hi and yah u probally might have seen me on other blogz i dont wanna name them! but yah so u know who u are and we might bring athlete of the week i am trying too do k! they just get too talk and tell me all there info and stuff and they get too tell me what they want me too post! and the best of all get 800 tokens!!!!!! remember be a fan favorite and really get your name out there if your wondering when is it going too start I am busy this week so next week on friday!!!! and i will be on the street keeping my eyes open!