New Blogger!!!

Hey you guys there is a NEW BLOGGER!!! As you notice i changed my name to TBB and TTB well TTB= TheTysonBang!!! Yes my CUZ Tyson is now on the blog!!! Now heres the thing. The only way to tell Tyson is blogging is cause his stuff will be bolded! Mine will be itallic. Ok so now Tyson will be putting stuff on the blog. Here he is!!!

Hey athletes, I am TTB [TysonTTB] Anyways I’ll be posting on the blog. Also i hope other people like Cool and Coolgirl don’t mind if i post on there blogs. If you don’t want me to just comment below and i promiss not to. Ok so laterZ athletes oh BTW heres how i look. [ps NON MVP, made random choice of sport when i made an account]  Also TBB told me to do about myself so here i go!

Fav. MLB team: My good Canadian teams [unlike TBB who is also canadian] Toronto Blue Jays [TBB: SUCK!!!]

Fav. NBA team: Toronto Raptors!!! [TBB: SUCK!!!] {TTB: Why do you say my fav. teams suck!!!} [TBB: Because they do!!!!]

Fav.NFL team: New York Giants [Just to get Nick mad. . . SUCKS!!!] 

Fav. NHL team: Vancover Canucks [TBB: no comment]

Fav. Food: IDK pizza? 

Fav. Athlete that i’ve met: 3 peeps, Jok34, Coolguy174, and Naomi

Best person to hate on AAS: SurferDude200 and Landen

Other comments: Ohhhh yea!!! Brewers SUCK! Bulls SUCK! NY JETS SUCK! and last Chicago Blackhawks SUCK!!! [FYI this is TBB seconde fav. team so plus he likes Vancovor] [NO I DON’T!!! The only reason why i didn’t comment was the got in the Stanley Cup! AND LOST!!!] Ok this is bold and itallic so this means we are both saying it! Ok laterZ athletes!!!

Tyson and TBB


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  1. Bulls dont suck! you suck!

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