I am BACK!!!!!

Hey you guys i’m back and i’m gonna be doing NOT 1 new thing BUT 10 NEW THINGS!!! #1 I will be doing a thing you all know called Video Game battle

#2 I will be doing TBB Turf of the Week

#3 I will be less TBB wait no i wont i’ll be MORE tbb on this blog

#4 I will update my top players and my new thing the top athletes list

#5 I will make a thing called Party Rock: Top PARTAY!!!

#6 I will do a thing called Artist of the Month

#7 I will do a thing called Game That!

#8 I will do SPOILER ALERTS!!!

#9 I will try not to get RoAA mad again

last #10 I will invite more peeps to the blog!!!

So witch one of the new thing did you like the most!?!

Alright laterZ athletes!!! Also  alright bye athletes!



What? Your still looking at this post? Ohhhh right forgot the Sig… I MENT THE NEW JETS-TASIC SIG!!!


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