Unscramble,Guess the Athlete, and a TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 voting

Welcome to another TheBenjiBang prodcast i am your host TheBenjiBang in The Honor Games winner for each thing will be honored and will get,,, A TV and 200 tokens! so lets get to the game

NHL is this weeks theme

1 nyaewh skygrte 

2 leystna ucp

3 tonbso ruibns


???         and last a TheBenjiBang adwards 2011 voting thing lol


6 Responses

  1. WOW UNCOOL DUDE!!!! OH WOW U WOULD COPY OFF OF FOOD BATTLE!!!! THATS MINES GET YOUR OWNS!!!!!!!!! U cant just do that!! What I do?

  2. OK i switched it happy?

  3. and srry i heard shaqoneal was doing something like tht

  4. also srry i forgot the numbers behind your name

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